Bad news….

29 01 2010

ey people :\ Bad news!!! ! 😦

I am not going on tis blog anymore sorry! 😦 😦

Tats all…

I have an oter blog and…its mine from an oter account 🙂

Anyways its cald:

🙂 Visit it please.

Send comments there bye!


Kitty cat pictures (EDITED)

4 01 2010

Hey people! Maria here! I just edited the kitty pictures!!!

Ok here they are tell me if you like them! 🙂

Its not soo funny :\ Ok an other 🙂

Lol you can’t read what it says but if u save it and go to paint and go way up ull understand!!

Heres an other…

What can I say lol (Can you read it?)

Lol just save it and click paint and ull see ontop what it says!

And..idk what to say read the thing lol

Well thats all! 😀 See ya! Bye!

ourWorld smileys!

4 01 2010

Hey people! Maria here again 🙂
Ok today I got the ourworld smileys just incase if u don’t know them!

If there is a smiley I don’t know please comment it! xD.

Kitty cat pictures

4 01 2010

Hey everone! Maria here =^_^=

Ok today im gonna show u kitty pictures (There not mine)

And….I know it isn’t in the blog but just want to show u some heheh!
I like kitties also!

Aww..Isn’t that cute 😛

Lol an other —)

Twin kitties!

Lol one is sticking its tong out!

Black and white kitty!

🙂 🙂 :o) (—FACES lol

More kitties coming xD

Aww look at it 🙂

This one seems like scared….. 😦
Poor kitty 😥

Anyway continueing…

Ok I think this one is going to be my last picture! 😦

Here it is! The tigerish kitty! (Looks like the kitty I lost) ((Actually died! 😦 ))

Anyway! Thats all people!

Cya in ourWorld MAYBE!

Nevermore is open!

3 01 2010

Hey this is Maria!

I have 1 picture of nevermore! Ok so here it is!

Nevermore is cool! Cya now!!

Bye have fun in Nevermore! (if its open for u!)


20 12 2009

Chat wit me in chatbox!
🙂 😀 😀 😀 😀 🙂

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OurWorld Derricks mission

15 12 2009

Hey everyone! Maria here 😛

Here is how to do Derrick’s mission!

I got photos for you 🙂

Poor Derrick lost his cow!

Now this is our only chance to find his cow!

OoOmariaOoO: Sorry..The bell didn’t show..But when you are doing the mission it will show -.-*

Yep! And…Thats…

Check the other photo to find out xD.


Ok this place is wonderland..

Now use your bell!

(If a few months passes there won’t be cake I think!)

Ok in this part you gave the cow…

(I couldn’t take a pictue of what he said cause my computer runned slow -.-*)

And Derrick says:

Blue! Where have you been?

Thanks dude. You are awesome!

For a reward, I’m giving you a cow decal for your Condo

🙂 Now your condo to find it!

Ok! Now here it is! 😀

Special photo for you all!