OurWorld Derricks mission

15 12 2009

Hey everyone! Maria here 😛

Here is how to do Derrick’s mission!

I got photos for you 🙂

Poor Derrick lost his cow!

Now this is our only chance to find his cow!

OoOmariaOoO: Sorry..The bell didn’t show..But when you are doing the mission it will show -.-*

Yep! And…Thats…

Check the other photo to find out xD.


Ok this place is wonderland..

Now use your bell!

(If a few months passes there won’t be cake I think!)

Ok in this part you gave the cow…

(I couldn’t take a pictue of what he said cause my computer runned slow -.-*)

And Derrick says:

Blue! Where have you been?

Thanks dude. You are awesome!

For a reward, I’m giving you a cow decal for your Condo

🙂 Now your condo to find it!

Ok! Now here it is! 😀

Special photo for you all!





2 responses

25 12 2009
Gem code human

Cool blog ^.^ Thanks for helping I couldn’t find the poor cow for HOURS AND HOURS but I found ur blog and thnx again!

25 12 2009

No problemo! I am just here to help heheh! (Y)

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