The old me and the new me! (ourWorld online game)

8 12 2009

Heyz everyone!

I am level 23 WOOT!

Ok umm here is a picture of the old me and the new me…

But ill start with the old me!

The old me! (super midget well kinda super midget! O_O)

Now the new me!


Cute huh? 😉

ourWorld name: OoOmariaOoO


Thats all people!

I hope I didn’t waist your time and…

Sorry but this doesn’t make any sence for ourWorld,cheats,glitches,gem codes,secrets! Cause it isn’t!

Check out the new gem code have fun!


ourWorld new updates!

28 11 2009

Hey, OoOmariaOoO is here 😛

I got some exciting news!

In ourWorld there are wishing stars!

Here is a picture I saved it from ourworld blog 😛

Ofcorse we want the 1000 flow star?

Idk how to get it but I can’t buy one o.o

I am poor :/

There is only 5 stars!

Good luck on trying to get them!

Now cooler things!


The “Frost_Box”.

Isn’t it cool!

I want the Yorick Yeti What is it? Check the picture right there —————————————— /\

ourWorld how do I join ourworld?

28 11 2009

Like this:

<a href=”″><img src=””/></a>

Click that to go to ourworld 😛



The one in glasses is:

chi ngchong

Ourworld my photos

28 11 2009


I got some photos right here

The girl in pairs hair is me and the small girl is a super midget O_O (when I was a noob!)

This is what happend: I was at a friend condo and my friend came with the smallest kid potion so I had 20 gems I put 10 gems for kid potion thing I threw it on her and she became a super midget!!!!! O_O Her name is: Carin232


An other photo

Someone is in the snow man catching me!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!


Save the bunnys! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
or I will kill you o_O

This is me and my friend

😛 The 1 on the right (—

is Xx rosalina xX

 I am the one with black and white bubble 😛


Oops!! What a mistake I made a mistake puting that thing into my stumick X_X

but why am I still smiling there O_O X_X


Weird dance move —)



This is me and my friend…

The midget is me.

Lol we r doing the dance move at the same time 😀

XDDD (still noob!)


What happend to your head robot O_O

Y is it upside down? O_O


Weird photo ——)

Bye people!

Made in:


😛 🙂 🙂

ourWorld moderator!

27 11 2009

Hey!!!!!!! I found this picture of a modertator in ourworld!!!!!

And there is an other!!!!!!

Right here



Please leave some comments I would love to hear what you think also for my other posts ^_^

And umm idk…Visit every week if you don’t have the toolbar to see the latest gem code!

Enjoy! 🙂 xD

ourWorld gem code

27 11 2009


Hey!!! I am OoOmariaOoO ——————-)

Level 18

Gem code!!!!!

Gem code: 

411e23e7fd62e16f expired sorry December 1 gem code:

C04F-C161-3A32-DD1A = 10 gems!


9533-6116-9F5F-8AEC = 10 gems!


E84E-1A36-8500-F265 = 10 gems!


New gem code:





Still works!

New picture!

😛 Anyway! Enjoy with the gem code!!!